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I am  Anthony Taylor Media!  I provide full digital Business Videos to companies, helping them grow their business. I am dedicated and a highly-qualified marketing specialists since 2014, ready to provide great quality Custom Animated Video , Dynamic Intro Video, and Digital VR360 Interactive Tour! All With No upfront FEES!!! I send an invoice after you are completely satisfied! The loyalty of my customers speaks for me and I maintain being a reliable partner. Lets Return to Business in 2021!

With 3 Options to choose for your needs of Purchase all for your marketing needs! Need a 10 second Intro Dynamic Video to use on You Tube?? How about an Animated Business Explainer Video with CTA and Optins? Here to help Realtors, AIRBNB, and Home Owners sell on VR360  Interactive Tour? No Social Media Presence Yet?  You Need Anthony Taylor Media to succeed!

I will help take your business to Another level. View My Work on Youtube!



We provide top-quality Low Cost Video Services that include.....

Video Marketing $250/mo.

Working together, I will help you get huge traffic to your website and help your business grow! Your Video is Posted on my Social Media Network for 30 days! Pinterest, Twitter, IG, and FB, and more, will see your Video and bring you leads! I also post your Video on your Google Search photos!  

Animated Custom Video $50

One Video can put your business on top! Google Loves Video and they rank you high for it! Animated Video can be used to explain your business, market by itself or add to your website! See List of Business Explainer Videos Below! Its up to you! Your File is given to you after payment!

Dynamic 10 sec/30 sec Video $25-$50

Building your brand using Social Media Video, is one of the most efficient ways to promote your business. You only need 8 Secs to Catch the attention span of a human! lol!  Add these short 10 sec. intro videos to your You Tube and gain traffic and Leads! View my Work First?

VR360 Interactive Tour From $495 and up!

Imagine, One Image Sales Staff that you can send to your Email lists, post on your Website, Market by itself!! This gives your visitors all options without leaving your 360 photo! I can Add CTA, Video, Audio, Email responders,  Buy Buttons and More Details! The Future of Marketing is Here!

Why us

Online Video can elevate your Business!.   I offer high-quality low cost Video Services at fair prices! I have over 6 years of experience. I always guarantee results. All Payments feed thru PAYPAL!

Choose your Plan

Choose the Best Pack that suits your Business Needs! All video files given to you after payment! I give you options to pay now or later! Bonuses if you pay now! If you don't like the work, you pay nothing!!



Per Video

1-10 Sec. Dynamic Video

Posted FREE on Youtube FB Twitter Pinterest Instagram for 14 days!

Video File Given after Payment

Pay Now gives you 1 extra Video for Free!



2 Videos with Logos!

1-10 Sec Dynamic Video

1-30 Sec Dynamic Video

Posted FREE to Youtube FB Twitter Pinterest Instagram 14 days!

Pay Now gives you 1 Extra Video for FREE!

Super Video Pack


3 Videos plus Postings!

1-10 sec Video

1-30 sec Video

Animated Video

Posted on my SM 5 Network Full 30 Days! Pinterest, IG, Twtr, YT, LI

BUY NOW gives you  a FREE Month!!

VR 360 Elite Pack


Per Video

Interactive VR360 Images, CTA , Video, Price lists, Optin, and so much more?!

Use for Airbnb, RE, Restuarants and more!

1 week turnaround depends on details

Posted on Google Search, Google Maps, FB360, YT, and my Social Media Network!!

File given after payment thru PAYPAL, just pay your invoice!

Can use link in emails, give directly, Post, and keep forever!

The Future of Photo Sales Marketing


Animated Explainer Video


Check list for your profession below! When ordering state Profession!

Cleaning Services

AC HVAC/AC Install

Dentist/ Chiropractor

Appliance Repair/ Alarm Systems

Accident Atty/ CPA 

Auto Detailing/ Agriculture

Blinds/  Bail Bonds

Gym/ Handyman

Bathroom Remodel

Computer Repair

Auto Detailing

Roofing/ Painting

Plumber/ Pool Cleaning

Pest Control/ Landscaping

Electrician/ Drywaller


Anthony Taylor Advertising          11845 Ambrosio Dr. Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

619-535-6117 24 hr message

Feel free to email us!


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As the Owner of Anthony Taylor Advertising , Anthony Taylor is responsible for running all facets of the business. "Tony T" has a proven executive management track record and over 6 years of experience driving sales growth in the industry. As a Director of Security and  Also the Founder of Deuce Footwear, a Limited Edition Shoe Company that designs Great Footwear in Italy, Anthony retains Balance and focus for his Clients! He also runs 1 Apparel Website and continues to Expand His Industry!